9 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Summer in Texas

Texas’ unbearably hot summer temperatures can take a toll on your home. But, if you take some time to prepare during the spring, your home will not only be ready for the hot temperatures, but it may be more efficient. Where do you start? These tips will prepare your home for summer in no time:

prepare your home for summer

Prepare Your Home for Summer with These Tips


Service the air conditioning
Nothing is more important in the summer than a functional air conditioner. To ensure yours doesn’t break down when you need it most, hire a professional service it now. While it isn’t necessary to bring out an expert every season, it is essential to do some routine servicing every three months: change the filter, flush out the drain lines with a cup of bleach, etc.

Rotate ceiling fan blades
If your ceiling fan has a switch that changes the direction the blades turn, make sure it is set to spin counterclockwise. This will push the air down toward you.

Clean dryer vents
A clogged dryer vent not only wastes energy but it also a significant fire risk. Purchase a vent-cleaning kit to ensure you clean it right. Add a reminder to repeat this every couple of months.

Upgrade your thermostat
By learning your habits and knowing when you are home and when you aren’t, a smart thermostat can save you up to 10 percent on your heating and cooling bills. It’s smart capability also allows you to control the temperature directly from your phone.


Inspect gutters and downspouts
If you have tons of trees on your property, fall isn’t the only time of the year you should inspect your gutters and downspouts – especially since pollen season just concluded. With that in mind, now is the ideal time to clean out the gutters. While you’re up there, ensure all gutters are soundly attached to your roof, seal any gaps with silicone caulk and remove any obstructions at the base of the downspout.

Inspect sprinklers
To repair any broken sprinkler heads, shut off the water and dig a two-inch diameter around the hole. From there, remove the head and replace with a new one or, if clogged, rinse it and reassemble.

Seal and insulate doors and windows
To avoid potential water damage (from summer thunderstorms) and hot air from entering your home, seal all cracks and leaks throughout your home and have your roof and gutters checked.

Get your mower up and running
Now is the time to get your lawn equipment ready for the busy season. For your mower, remove the spark plug and replace the air filters, change the oil and sharpen the blades. Give your other tools some TLC, too.

Clean the grill
Summer is for barbecues! To ensure your backyard get-togethers go off without a hitch, clean your grill with a grill brush, nozzle and wet rag and ensure you have enough charcoal and gas.

Use these tips to prepare your home for summer and enjoy a stress-free season with your family and friends.

Are you in need of a service professional to inspect your air conditioner? Give our team a call. We would be happy to connect you with a professional in the San Antonio area.

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