Check your Roof – Get Those Branches off the Roof!

Take a look at your roof! Are your tree limbs / branches less than 18 inches from your roof. If so, get them trimmed.

We had a client this week that had an unpleasant surprise. Her home is impeccably maintained. Except for the roof. She hardly ever looked at her roof – most of us don’t. We just don’t think about it. Well – those darn limbs over the past couple of years have been rubbing back and forth against her roof. The consistent, unnoticeable rubbing caused enough damage requiring the roof to be replaced. It was a 25 year roof and just 9 years old – it should have had 16 more years of life.


The next time you go outside – take a walk around you house – make sure the vegetation and trees are at least 18 inches from the roof. If not, call the arborist and get them trimmed back.

If you see the branches touching your roof, cut them back and then have a roofer take a look to see if there is damage and if it can be repaired.  This is a much better solution and less costly than a full roof replacement.

If you need a referral to an arborist or a roofer, let us know – we’d be happy to put you in touch with a licensed arborist, highly-regarded roofer today.  In fact, we have a list of preferred contractors for anything you might need related to your house.

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