It’s Time to File a Homestead Exemption in Texas!

Did you purchase a home in 2015 that is your primary residence? If so, it’s time to file a homestead exemption in Texas. This important filing removes part of your home’s value from taxation. If you want to receive a homestead exemption for the taxes on your home, the home must first qualify as a residence homestead on January 1st of the year in which you are applying. There are two simple requirements:

  1. You must own your home on January 1st. (If you are over 65, and/or disabled, the January 1st ownership and residency are not required)
  2. You must use the home as your principal residence on January 1st.

Click the graphic below and we’ll show you how to file a homestead exemption in Texas. It’s easy, and it’s FREE.

File your homestead exemption in Texas

Easy, at-a-glance resources:

  • Click HERE for our handy “How To” guide on filing your homestead exemption in Texas.
  • Click HERE for the State of Texas Homestead Exemption form.

Closing thoughts:

When you move into your new home, you’ll receive a lot of new mail, including solicitations. It is absolutely FREE to file a homestead exemption in Texas, so do NOT fall for the services who solicit to file your exemption for a fee. Have questions? Call us anytime: (210) 477-4855 or contact us below:

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