What do Sellers Want from an Agent

Today’s blog is another excerpt from the latest Profile of Texas Homebuyers and Sellers – 2013 edition.

This is what the survey respondents said they expect from their agent when they decide to list their home for sale.

Number 1 – I want them to market my home to potential buyers.  This is one of the huge benefits you get from working for a professional, full-time agent.  An agent that is in the field 24 x 7 usually has a pool of buyers and buyer’s agents looking for homes in specific areas.  I recently listed a home in Oakwood (across Huebner from Bitters) and I had two buyers looking to purchase a home just like that one, so the two buyers were able to get a job on the rest of the potential buyer pool and see the home first.

Number 2 – Sell my home within a specific time frame.  This is another advantage you get by listing with a professional, full-time agent.  Experienced agents will have the knowledge to help you price your home right from day one, make sure it is staged appropriately and have the best photos and video of your home to post to all of the real estate portals.  The three most important things in selling a home today are 1 – pricing; 2 – staging and 3 – high quality photos that show off the features / layout of the house.

Number 3 – Price my home competitively.  We covered this one already, but I will reiterate that it is very important to price your home competitively from the beginning.

Number 4 – Tell me ways to fix up my home to sell it for a higher price.  A home that has been renovated and maintained will sell at a much higher and quicker than the same house without renovations and maintenance issues fixed.  An agent is able to look at the house objectively and point out things that should be updated or fixed.  Even issues as minor as a burned out light bulb can turn off a buyer because their first thought is “if they can’t change out a light bulb, what is wrong with the house that I can’t see?”

Number 5 – Find a buyer.  This was covered in Number 1.  However, one other way that an agent will find a buyer is by placing calls to neighbors in the area to see if they know anybody that wants to live in that area of town.  In addition, agents are tapped into the buyers looking on the Internet for houses – which is about 92% at last count.

That’s all for today and I look forward to seeing you at the closing table.

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